Just Keep Truckin'

Submitted by Jim Kufahl

Dad came to visit the family and I in South Dakota in late 2014. He was driving his Honda Hybrid. I got home from picking up the kids after work and got a phone call from him saying he's broke down between Montevideo and Dawson, MN which is 70 miles from me. So I'm scrambling trying to figure out tools, straps, and everything I'd need to go rescue him since it was very cold that day. He called me back moments later and he said he was sitting with a trooper enjoying a cigar and that he doesn't need me to come out but to just find a tow truck for him. So I find him a tow from Dawson. He called me about two hours later saying he wants to go get some dinner at Applebees. I said ok meet you there. He showed up in a school bus yellow Ford Focus. We laughed for a moment about his luxury cruising machine, before I had to ask what the hell happened. He said the Honda's engine blew and that the tow company bought it for scrap from him, then gave him a ride to a dealership where he took the Honda scrap money and purchased the ford.

I guess me telling this story is not as good as it actually is. I was just extremely touched that, with as shitty of a day he had he still wanted to continue with his trip here. Not to mention take us out to dinner, consume adult beverages at the house and talk shit for hours.

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